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Happy Birthday to donut, honeybee.
Monster Movie: Vanishing Act
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[no artist] - must be dreaming of
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Screaming Jay Hawkins: I Put a Spell On You (original)
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Rapid Fiction: Pristine 18
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David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust
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SDRE: How It Feels To Be Something On
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emilie simon: song of the storm
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Epsilon Minus: Burden
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The Misfits: The Day The Earth Caught Fire
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Zombina & the Skeletones: Nobody Like You WHen Your're Dead
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Yes, Virginia

Dresden Dolls - Yes Virginia

So this week finally sees the highly awaited release of The Dresden Dolls second album, Yes Virgina, and it's a cracker. They've lost a little of their cabaret sound (which is good and bad) and come up with a tighter and more rock based album. There's a phenominal amount of songs about sex, and Amanda's clever and biting lyricism takes no prisoners. She's out to attack, get revenge and shock and does it with applomb. You can listen to samples on Amazon (or if you are in the US the Amazon page there has the samples for the whole album).

I'm sure you've all got your tickets for the May tour, but just in case, here's a reminder of the dates:

May 4 - The Exchange, Edinburgh
May 5 - Cathouse,  Glasgow
May 6 - Academy 2,  Manchester
May 7 - Leadmill,  Sheffield
May 9 - Academy,  Birmingham
May 10 - Junction,  Cambridge
May 11 - Concorde 2,  Brighton
May 12 - Astoria,  London

And for a chance to get closer to the band they'll be playing two 20 minute instore gigs where you can get them to sign your new records:-

May 4 @ 4pm: Avalanche Records, Edinburgh
May 11 @ 1pm: Resident Music, Brighton

posted by Kitten on: 21/04/2006 - 0 comments

Au4 - Listen to the whole Album online
Au4 from Canada shows us there is good music over there! You can listen online to the beautiful On Audio that was recorded in Vancouver.
The nine tracks draw from trip-pop, ambient and dreampop styles, featuring the breathy, haunting vocals of Ben Wylie, who also scripted the fantastical stories of love and life.

Sounds like Mum meets M83.

A melancholic tone weaves throughout On Audio, but the mood is of contemplative optimism: The acoustic-guitar laced love song "Hit and Miss" undulates like a watery embrace. The bass-driven "A Mile From Here" is an up-tempo track ready for clubs. Even the epic "An Ocean's Measure of Sorrow" rocks, a fresh take on the piano ballad. "Everything Always Moving" sums up the album's hypnotic qualities and themes of hope.

posted by Preston on: 14/04/2006 - 0 comments

My Passion - Bitter Too

My Passion

Rising dark glam stars My Passion have released a limited edition single, Bitter Too, that is well worth tracking down before it sells out. It features two blistering tracks; Bitter Too and Tomorrow Girls and a video of  The Modern Way To Madness. Reminiscent of The Cure, Placebo and Rachel Stamp (not surprisingly as it was produced by their vocalist David Ryder Prangley) it shows My Passion as a band ready to carry on the glittery glam torch.

It's available from their online store and selected independent record stores. Also the b-side Tomorrow Girls is currently on the music player on their profile to give you a taster.

posted by Kitten on: 03/04/2006 - 8 comments

It seems strange, but as the new wave of Glam comes from Sweden and the second wave of Punk did come from the US (It's commercial shite, but non the less) it makes some sense that the return of BRIT-POP will be from the states as well.

It all started with The Killers and now it seems that the end is nowhere in site. Are we really heading for the sweet return of Brit-Pop?

Well, we are still waiting to hear what our beloved Marion have installed for us, but until then lets have a look at two new American bands, why don't we?

First of all, the guys that the press say are the new Killers (though the old ones are still alive and jiving), Nightmare Of You. The single “The Days Go By Oh So Slow” sounds like a modern Morrissey, or well, Gene if you want and allot like our local Brits Luxemburg. You get a dose of clean sharp sound that is more reminiscent of the early 1980’s Manchester scene than America, a juxtaposition of memorable melodies and sardonic lyrics and most of all they are witty and fun. Check the music and the style on their website and myspace page.

Secondly, we have Elkland, they put the pop in to brat-pop. And take it back another decade to the 80's with great pop-songs melodies. Golden, the debut album from Elkland is like a boyish irresistible tuneful party that comes from the group's collective deep love, and passionate understanding of Britpop from Smiths to New Order through pulp and all this with a sugur glaze of shimmering playground synthpop. plus, they are really sweet boys, after all they are the BoyBand of the US Brit-Pop scene.

You all are more then invited to share your views on the subject (even if you think Brit-Pop sucks, you can speak your mind). Let us know about the bands you found out as part of this Brit-pop cum back, please, feel free to post your comments!
posted by Preston on: 11/03/2006 - 3 comments

Preston DJ Chart
As promised here is a list of tracks I got to play at Glam-Ou-Rama's 4th Birthday and had someone coming up to me asking to know what song it was, now you have all the info and you can look for the tracks and have your own short Preston DJ set at home.

1. Ginger Ale - Happy House (Electro Goth)
2. Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disko (Brat Electro)
3. Supergroupies - All Day & All Of The Night (Glam)
4. Tall Dwarfs - Ride A White Swan (Glam cover T-Rex)
5. Who Made Who - Space For Rent (Electro Pogo)
6. Absent Kid - Quiet Playground (Indie)
7. Hardkandy - Advice (Nue-Folk feat. Tery Callier)
8. Richard Cheese - Somebody Told Me (The Killers)
9. Richard Cheese - creep (radiohead)
10. Interpol - Public Pervert (Carlos D. Remix)
11. Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch (Electropop)
12. The Knife - Silent Shout (Nue-Electro)
13. Simian - Never Be Alone (Dj Hell's Gigolo Mix)
14. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold Loin (NY-Indie)
15. Men Without Hats - The Safety Dance (80'S)
16. Morrissey - You Have Killed Me (Indie)
17. The Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Lies)
18. Miss Kitten&Gloden Boy - Rippin Kittin (Electropop)
19. Vitalic - No Fun (Electro)
20. Mindless Delf Indulgance - Dicks Are For My Friends
12T! Gogol Bordello - Start Wearing Purple (Gypsy Punk)

Mind you, the order doesn't mean athing, I would put Gogol Bordello at the top of that list! It was a big suprise how many ppl asked about them, danced and new the words.

posted by Preston on: 02/03/2006 - 0 comments

my latest novel - wolves
From Glasgow they came and they took on the world!
These "Bookish Bohos" are a delightful mix of violins and indie rock. Their CD will fit great next to your Belle & Sebastian (These days, you will probably be happy to have MLN as it's the Album B&S should have made in a perfect world but didn't), Velvet Underground, Low and Arcade fire.
The first LP is going to be out next month, Every song on the album is a master piece, and it is another one of those albums that you have to admit will be one of the best of 2006, what a year! It's only Feb and already so many for The Best Of 2006" list. We just have to hope this will continue this way.

My Latest Novel are one of the best-kept secrets in the alternative indie folk scene these days, but not for long! Prepare to have your breath taken away... Turn off the lights, light up a candle, have a nice glass of wine around and your favorite book. This band is for all you Twee Book Lovers or, well, Just Lovers, The music feels like falling inlove with all the happy bliss and sad pain that is aiways involved.

posted by Preston on: 17/02/2006 - 1 comments

The Sounds - Dying To Say This To You

The Sounds Are Back - BIG TIME!

Their debut album was released in late 2002; they were promptly named as the new Blondie and dubbed the next big thing and got to #4 in the Swedish charts. This all went rather to their heads and then decided to conquer America. 300 gigs later they had certainly made headway, but had far from cracked the nut. So back home to Sweden to record their new album and the result is splendid. This record will make you smile and dance, and that's just what we need to get rid of the winter blues, what is better then Winter Electro-pop-punk-glam from Sweden after all? It's like having the Ark with a girl singer combined with a very stylish Image and catchy brat-pop.

"Dying To Say This To You" is the new album which sounds just like the old one, only better as every track is a HIT! (in the end all the songs SOUNDS the same, but as they are so great that is a good thing!!!) On the new album The Sounds have worked with producer Jeff Saltzman (producer for The Killers, and well, now you understand why everything sounds the same...) and Paul Koderie who previously has worked with Radiohead and Hole.

Anyway, this album is a must! Trust Us, and well, Trust in Lust as well.

Find out more on their website or download some of the mp3s below:

The Sounds - "Song with a Mission"
The Sounds - "Queen of Apology"

These are external links and might not last long, this one should last longer.

The Sounds - "Painted By Numbers"

posted by Preston on: 17/02/2006 - 2 comments

best album of 2006?

Having a look at the release schedules for 2006 it's looking like an exciting year ahead. Here are some of our pics over the next few months:

February should affirm the growth of great music from Canada with the hotly awaited new album from Destroyer, Rubies on the 17th. All advance reports say that this album is as beautiful as his Hunky Dory influenced Your Blues from 2004 and his great work on one of last years best albums; New Pornographers' Twin Cities. A week fellow Canadian later Rufus Wainwright is almost guaranteed success with his soundtrack for Brokeback Mountain which is looking like winning all sorts of awards as a film and thus is the perfect vehicle to further enhance his star.

March has no shortage of great potential as well with a new album from Nick Cave expected on the 10th; another soundtrack, this time for the film The Proposition. Not just a simple soundtrack however, as Nick also wrote the story for this film starring Guy Pearce, Emily Watson, Ray Winstone and John Hurt which has been getting really good previews and shows Nick Cave as one of the most talented multi-format artists of our era.
Then after a couple of year break Placebo return with their 5th studio album, Meds , which is reportedly an improvement on their last couple of albums with a sound similar to that of Black Market Music, but I think almost everyone wishes they'd return to the nervous, raw and angry music of their first two releases. Ending the month on the 27th comes the long awaited (in Elastica like proportions) from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs which we just have to hope thrills in ways Justine never managed on her sophomore effort.

April begins appopriately with the 'The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song', or at least the new album from The Flaming Lips, At War With The Mystics starts with it anyway. Their status as a cult band is secured and with their last couple of albums they have also received far more commercial attention; it'll be interesting to see if this increases them commercially or will be something more appreciated by their hardcore fans. The same week will also show if Morrissey can continue his resurgance with Ringleader of Tormentors which is also due on the 3rd. We reckon it will just deliver more of the same, but it was good enough on You Are The Quarry and it will probably work again. Far more exciting for us is the new album from The Dresden Dolls, Yes, Virginia.

The title is taken from the fan favourite Mrs. O which has been around as a demo since their first E.P. release 'A Is For Accident' and finally sees proper release now in it's fuller and finished form. From what we've heard the album is a step up from their debut with Amanda showing a keener musical ear and a sharper lyrical tongue and that all the touring has paid off as the connection between her and Brian is even stronger which leads to even stronger and more involving songs. There are a couple of other songs here that have been around as long as Mrs.O and the improvement from their demo form to how they appear on this album just shows how far the Dolls have come and hopefully points to just how far they can go. You will I'm sure hear a lot more about this album over the next couple of months from us.

Looking further into the musical year promises gems from Pink Grease, The Cure, The Arcade Fire and most amazingly a new album from Roxy Music (with Brian Eno)!

posted by Kitten on: 31/01/2006 - 11 comments

GLAM-OU-RAMA Best of 2005

So the keenly (hmmm) awaited GLAM-OU-RAMA best of 2005. Compiled from the favourites of all our members and despite (or perhaps because) there are a lot more people on the website than a year ago it was much harder to compile a consensus of the top albums. But eventually we whittled things down and came up with a top 10.

Antony & The Johnsons - I Am A Bird Now

 Support us and buy these albums from

Little surprise perhaps at the best album; we've been playing Antony in our club for ages and this was the album we were most looking forward to this year. It seems most of our members agreed with us as this was by far the most popular album on everyones' lists. More commercial sounding than his debut album, it was nonetheless a surprise to us that it became so popular. Winner of many awards this year it's wonderful to see such a talented artist being rewarding not just underground but pretty much in every spectre of the music world. Congratulations Antony and we look forward to seeing what 2006 brings with your profile riding so high.

Queen Adreena - The Butcher and the Butterfly

This was more of a surprise for me coming in at number 2. Not because it's unworthy but more because since it's release earlier in the year I'd hardly heard anyone mention it. It's well deserving though with 16 tracks on the album and not a minute wasted. It recalls some of their best work (and early Daisy Chainsaw tracks as well) which makes the album feel very familiar even after just a couple of listens which must be why so many people voted for it.

Depeche Mode - Playing The Angel

This one slipped under the radar a little as well. Certainly plenty of people were looking forward to it and excited when it came out. But the fuss soon died down, not enough stand out tracks; not hit single, perhaps the mode had a flop on their hands. But 3 months later it's shown to have grown on a lot of people. Personally I've been listening to it a lot lately, and I guess I'm not alone as it's snuck into the top 3 best albums here.

Read our review here.

Bloc Party - Silent Alarm

Aperturas 24 horas, apertura de cajas de seguridad, instalación de motores en puertas, reparación de persianas de seguridad en comercios, cambiar cerraduras en Sevilla; Con cerrajeros urgentes puedes disfrutar de la mejor asistencia en reparaciones de cerrajería, incluso en cerraduras Fichet.

Louis XIV - The Best Little Secrets Are Kept

A great favourite here and pretty much played to death at Club Bohemia. We've had to wait almost 30 years for someone to come along and steal so blatantly from Marc Bolan, but done so cheekily and with such panache that you can't help but love it.

Read our review here.

Arcade Fire - Funeral

Personally I wouldn't have this in the top 10 as it made it there last year. But with the UK release being 2005 and a lot of people not getting into them until this year I suppose we can hardly begrudge them their place in the chart. We still play songs from it at Club Bohemia so it's shown ability to stand the tests of time so that's just another point in it's favour. One of the best albums of 2004 and 2005 then!

Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth

I saw NIN earlier this year and frankly was bored rigid. It all sounds the same to me and I never bothered getting this album. But this isn't my chart, it's our members who vote and lots of you seem to love this, so here it is at number 7. Perhaps if I bought it and listened to it i'd love it as much as everyone else...

The Tears - Here Come The Tears

The much trumpeted re-union of Anderson & Butler gave us The Tears. For me this didn't live up to it's promise and stuttered and lacked sparkle, but I shouldn't complain so much in our annual round up (so ok to be more positive there were a couple of tracks on it that did live up to the promise). Lots of you loved it though and so it's won it's place in our top 10.

Read our review here.

Andrew Bird - The Mysterious Production Of Eggs

One of the more interesting albums of 2005, which (like Antony & The Johnsons) surprisingly won lots of popular acclaim. It's good to see it sneaking in at the bottom of our top 10.

Read our review here.

Patrick Duff - Luxury Problems

The return of Strangelove's Patrick Duff was a beautiful thing to witness. After 7 years in the wilderness he returned with songs of loss, love and laughter. A real maturity in his songwriting gives him a deserved place in our best of roundup.


Surprises for me being the lack of love for Ladytrons' Witching Hour and Goldfrapp with Supernature. Perhaps they did under-achieve with their 3rd albums, but still there was enough solid material on both albums that I expected more people to vote for them. What else was missing, what didn't deserve to make the list? Post your comments...

PS. If you plan to buy any of these albums then you could support us at the same time. Click on the links to take you to (which is the cheapest online ordering company we've found in the UK) and when you buy the album, we get 2% of the sale. It will help us pay for our rather hefty hosting costs. Thanks!

posted by Kitten on: 05/01/2006 - 4 comments

Merz - LoveHeart

Merz - LoveheartMerz aka Conrad Lambert is a much-travelled maverick with three decades of cultural exploring behind him, He looks some what like a chav but makes lovely pixie music, post-pop with a distinctive croaky voice like some other queer folkers like Devandra and Destroyer. Just close to the end of 2005 this might still make it to your list of your top 10!

Merz homepage
1 minute samples (mp3 / wma) of the album on Juno
or buy the album (£6.99) on his on website.

posted by Preston on: 09/12/2005 - 0 comments

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