GLAM-OU-RAMA : Registration Benefits.

There are many benefits in registering at GLAM-OU-RAMA, the first and most obvious is that you get reduced entry to our club nights.

But thats not all! It costs you nothing, just takes you a few seconds and it's fun. We don't send spam (just occasional mailshots when we've got a club night on) and as well as cheaper entrance you can play with the website which amongst it's highlights (we think) include: -

  • Taking part in our forum discussions
  • Using the free storage area to uploads pictures & files, indeed you can create a website if you wish
  • Create a profile so that people can see what you like
  • View other members profiles, be inspired by their favourite artists, bands, books, films...
  • Send private messages to your friends (new and old)
  • Create galleries to show off your photos, artwork or whatever takes your fancy
  • Add events to publicise your gigs, clubs, birthday party, whatever
  • Show off your writing skills by adding reviews to the website
  • Post feedback on galleries, events and reviews
  • Belong to a community of people who appreciate glam and alternative rock
  • Make me feel like i've not wasted my time creating the site...

It's all free, it's all fun so sign up now