John Howard - The Dangerous Hours

Reviewed by Sheridan Quaint on 05/10/2005

                                 A Glimpse Of The Golden Age

       A Review Of John Howard's "The Dangerous Hours", by Sheridan Quaint

          In a time when the original meaning of the world glamour has been, if not forgotten, for a long time altered for commercial purposes, it may seem somewhat hard to find but a single spark of the charm which lit up the brightest days of pop music. Thankfully, this arduous quest is now and then punctuated with amazing discoveries. John Howard's new opus, "The Dangerous Hours", is indeed one of these.
This collection of fourteen brand new songs, released exactly thirty years after the debut album "Kid In A Big World", is clearly one more expression of Mr Howard's unfailing talent, this time combined with the one of poet Robert Cochrane.
'This Luxury Of Rain', the very first track of this truly inspired collaboration, shows over the crystal-clear, piano-wrought raindrops, an extraordinary sense of melody. And this first impression in soon confirmed by the following pieces, which oscillate between poignant sorrow, as in 'And Even Now' and 'Expect The Unexpected', and sparkling irony, as for instance in 'Such A Drag' or the instant classic 'Dear Glitterheart', a glam full version of which is planned for release as a part of John Howard's forthcoming album. The palpable Englishness of the whole record reaches to a head at the sixth track, 'What A Carry On', dedicated to the typically British institution that is the famous series. The delightfully quaint tune, as well as Mr Howard's Kenneth Williams-esque singing, give to Mr Cochrane's witty lyrics an even greater impact.
Indeed, in "The Dangerous Hours", the hauntingly beautiful poetry isn't simply set to music, but completely transfigured by it, to a point one couldn't imagine one without the other.
So, how possibly be anything other than spellbound by Mr Howard's increasingly gracious voice and Mr Cochrane's shattering display of sensitivity (noticeably on the title-track)? The perfect production, by the eccentric songwriter himself, and the stunning sleeve deserve praise as well.
         There is no doubt listening to such a sheer masterpiece will leave you pining for more, and dreaming of a time not so remote, when glittery scraps of music could be heard floating on the breeze.

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Album Tracks
1. The Luxury Of Rain
2. Such A Drag
3. Save The Days
4. Expect The Unexpected
5. Maintaining The Anger
6. What A Carry On
7. Silent Madness
8. And Even Now
9. Without A Kiss
10. Blame The Night
11. Early Closing Days
12. The Dangerous Hours
13. Death And The Bridesmaid Boy
14. Dear Glitterheart

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On 06/10/2005 23:50 RAVENOUS (ex-molkod) said:

oh... this sounds so interesting... I have never heard about that artist

do you know his website? i would like to download something

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